Photograph of Gregory Georges


Gregory is a french Visual Development Artist and Illustrator who has been working in the animation industry for more than seven years.

Born near Paris in France, he spent his time to draw while growing up. After high school, he joined the illustration and animation program at Emile Cohl School in Lyon, France.

In September 2010, he had the tremendous honor to join the art department at Illumination MacGuff in Paris where he did visual development (color) on the animated feature films The LoraxDespicable Me 2Minions and Sing.

In August 2015, he has fulfilled a lifelong dream by moving with his family to Toronto, Canada. He started working for Guru Studio as a senior designer on two animated TV series for Nickelodeon and Netflix. Few months later, he was back working remotely for Illumination MacGuff / Universal Pictures on their next animated feature film, Despicable Me 3.

Gregory loves sharing emotions and memories through his art and the infinite possibilities to communicate with people around the world, through animation, books, discussions or even teaching is a source of motivation and inspiration.

If you have any questions, suggestions or if you just want to say hi, he would love to be in touch. You can contact him directly by e-mail.

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